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SUP Wilderness Adventures is a social enterprise travel business; the profits from which are used to undertake environmental and social projects across the Asia-Pacific region. Activities commenced in 2014, but the business was formally established in 2015. Founded in Australia by climate change scientist Chantal Clarke, the business has rapidly grown and now attracts a loyal clientele from across the globe.

SUP Wilderness Adventures is the largest operator and distributor of multi-night small group paddle board tours. We use the boards like a boat in our back pocket, to access people and places that others can't reach. Once there, we engage in a range of soft adventure activities; only one of which is paddling a SUP.

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Although stand up paddling is at the heart of what we offer, it is not the only activity offered. We encourage guests to experience a destination from every possible angle; swimming with whale sharks, bicycling along zip lines, caving in the jungle, or diving WWII shipwrecks… the opportunities are endless to play and explore!


Our trips take people to places where commercial SUP operators often do not yet exist. Destinations include such exotic places as the Philippines, Vanuatu, Indonesia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Australia and Cambodia; with new places being added on a regular basis.


Our jaw-dropping itineraries showcase environmental wonders and are underscored by a commitment to responsible tourism.

SUP Wilderness Adventures profits are used to undertake social and environmental projects, fund scholarships and provide sponsorship to local partners through our sister brand Two Llamas. We help remote, impoverished or Indigenous communities, as giving back is central to our core ethos.

We support local businesses by partnering with quality operators and we seek out Indigenous experiences that facilitate sustainable economic development and cultural rescue.

Local specialists are used where  possible, ensuring first-hand insight is imparted. Group leaders are scientists, naturalists, anthropologists or aid workers with travel expertise.

Costs are kept low to make experiences accessible for families, single travellers and couples, and learning is a objective on every  trip.


You needn't be super-fit to join us, nor have any prior experience with stand up paddle boarding. The whole point of travel is to experience new things, meet new people and go to new places along the way. Our job is to guide you, keep you safe, remind you how to laugh, and support  you when you're extending your boundaries.


Age is not usually a barrier, although some destinations are not suitable for young children. We've had participants aged from 8 years to 68 years. As we’re also ageing with every hour that passes, we prefer to think that what matters most is your attitude to life and your willingness to open your heart to others.

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We believe that where you lay your head while on vacation is important. We seek out accommodations with abundant atmosphere, which embody the culture and location.

That may be a 5-star resort with an outstanding pool, or a campsite in the jungle where the only stars are those above your head.

You may find yourself sleeping over the water in a tree house, or in a cabin aboard what appears to be a pirate ship. Or you may sleep high on a hill in a white-washed fairy castle, or in an historic manor with a history that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Wherever it is that you're destined sleep, you can rest assured that you'll be somewhere that will make you go “WOW!”.


SUP Wilderness Adventures doesn't accept everyone who asks to join our trips. We're selective as we strive to provide the best possible experience for every guest.

We like to think you'll be travelling with best  friends that you have yet  to meet, and the high level of repeat business we enjoy (as well as the deep friendships we form with past guests), tells us that our commitment to quality - not quantity - is an important part of our winning formula.

We make a point of getting to know each person before accepting them on a trip, to ensure personalities are compatible and goals align. This results in each group developing its own unique culture and life-long  friendships forming across the globe.

So, if you're ready to let your  passion take you places, check out our upcoming adventures, and contact us today!