SUP Wilderness Adventures acknowledges the important role that clubs play in developing the sport and in teaching people how to paddle safely and  responsibly. Each year, we offer  a range of sponsorship opportunities to clubs, members and events. Below are some of those we have committed to in 2018-2019. If you'd like us to consider sponsoring your club, please contact us to discuss.


SUP VIC (Stand UP Paddle Boarding Victoria)  is committed to developing the sport of stand up paddle boarding throughout the State of Victoria (Australia), and to encourage participation at all levels, across the various disciplines of the sport, including surfing, racing, down winding, and flat water cruising.

SUP VIC liaises with industry, retailers, government agencies, land managers, like-minded clubs and associations, and peak bodies at state and national level, to promote safety, facilitate demo days, organise family friendly events, promote junior development, and generally improve the standard of the sport through introductory lessons, training programs, skills and technique coaching, and high level competition.

SUP VIC endeavours to be wholly inclusive of women, children, minority groups and people with special needs, and to provide a safe and fun environment for all of our members to enjoy the sport now and well into the future.

SUP Wilderness Adventures is proud to be a sponsor of SUP VIC and offers a 5% trip discount to all financial club members.