DATES: Team B: 14-20 Jan 2019 / Team C: 23-29 Jan 2019
DURATION: 7 days / 6 nights

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A look at the history and achievements of Madison Stewart (aka ‘Shark Girl’) who features in the film BLUE. This interview focuses on the power youth have to impact the world. Madison encourages young people to find their voice and their passion.


Conservation activist and shark advocate Madison Stewart will be returning to the Indonesian island of Lombok in September 2018. She will be accompanied by climate change scientist and sustainability specialist, Chantal Clarke.
Madison intends to continue her investigation into the shark finning trade, while Chantal will assess the impacts of marine debris and possible strategies to instigate behavioural change in local communities.
They will be working alongside one of the most active fin-fishing communities in order gain a deeper understanding of what motivates the men to hunt the ocean’s apex predator and to identify possible ways to instigate change.
It is their hope that through respectful dialog, trust and walking in the footsteps of others, alternative economies may be identified and a sustainable path forwards embarked upon.
We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey and to be part of the team that lays the foundation for change.

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“Sharks are being killed for food, fins, medicine, and fun. There is no end to the threats they face. But the biggest of all these is the human mentality towards them, because this stops people from fighting for them.”


During the week you will:
•    Gain first-hand insight into the shark fin fishing industry
•    Spend time with the fishermen to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons they choose to hunt sharks
•    Spend time in their community and listen to their hopes and dreams for the next generation
•    Workshop with community members to educate and encourage sustainable practices
•    Help develop strategies to create behavioural change
•    Learn how to determine the characters of different shark species, to increase your safety when sharing their domain

By the end of the week, you will have gained a level of knowledge that few others on this planet have achieved. As such, you will be invited to join an exclusive online community of conservation advocates, led by Madison Stewart. It is our hope that participants will then use this experience to help Madison educate others, instigate change and facilitate shark conservation. 

Tourism VS shark fishery

"Indonesia is the world’s largest exporter of shark fins; I’ve seen this first hand. I’ve seen populations decline, undersized sharks caught, and smelt the stench of deceased sharks resonate throughout an entire Indonesian fishing community. Harder times are making the fisherman from small towns venture further into Australian waters, ultimately threatening our fisheries. How do we stop this when all they are doing is making little money to feed their families? You don’t, instead you give them an alternative.

I plan to work with fisherman from a small fishing town on the island of Lombok and transition their shark fishing into tourism. I see true potential for this region to profit using tourism rather than shark fishing, making them guardians of their ocean. I have seen this be successful in other locations and I feel my many years in shark conservation has lead up to this particular project."

                                                                         - Madison Stewart

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Price: Au$2450 (plus GST)// approx USD 1850

Trip style: Conservation
Activities: Free diving, snorkelling, village visits, boating, hiking.

Group size max: 10 participants
Minimum age: 18 years
Fitness level: Moderate


6 nights accommodation (twin share)

All breakfasts
3 Lunches
Welcome dinner
Farewell dinner

Full day boat trips
Snorkeling/ free diving
Surf lessons (board rental included)
Visit to shark market
Visit to shark fishing village
Conservation work-shops

Land transfers and sea during tour (excluding airport transfers)

Madison Stewart, Shark specialist
Chantal Clarke, Sustainability specialist
Surf instructor
Boat crew

Visas & departure taxes
Excess baggage
Travel medicine & insurance
Food & beverages where not stated
Optional extra activities (such as scuba diving)
Park fees, Government fees & taxes

One of the most stunning resorts in Lombok, Indonesia, Novotel Lombok is perfect for groups, families or loved-up couples. Think that's mere hyperbole? Then check out this video, which was taken in September 2018. Paddling off the west coast of the island of Lombok, Indonesia.

Kuta Lombok is a somewhat shabby yet convenient base for exploring some of the best beaches and surf breaks in southern Lombok. Set upon a broad open bay, the town is making a transition from backpacker hideaway to becoming a more mainstream destination. Offshore, reefs teem with life; attracting marine megafauna such as turtles, sharks and manta rays. Along the coast, a string of spectacular beaches boasts powdery sand and are invitingly decorated with coconut palms. This is essentially a fishing village that has been ‘discovered’ by surfers, and which has been ear-marked for tourism development.

Local airport:
Lombok International Airport in Praya (just 20 minutes by taxi from town)
Fly there from: Denpasar, Bali or direct from Singapore


"By joining me on this trip, you're helping make it possible for me to continue conservation efforts in this part of the world.

You're helping me demonstrate the viability of tourism to local fishing families and teach them the skills required to take tourists to experience the wonders of their natural environment.

Kuta Lombok area has been identified by the Government for future tourism development. As such, it's important that knowledge regarding sustainability is shared and the community is provided with options of alternative ways to earn a living. 

Your input into strategy development is important to us, as we each have experiences and knowledge to share. 

I am forever grateful to those who share my passion for conservation and I'm extremely excited to be sharing this exploratory mission with you. Thank you! "

                                                                  -Madison Stewart