Anyone can paddle, we do so much more!

Join us for a journey of discovery, using stand up paddle boards (SUPs). We'll take you to meet people and see places that others can't reach and while there, engage in environmental or social projects that ensure we leave a positive ripple in our wake.


Small groups

We've found that small group tours make for more pleasant dynamics. Genuine friendships flourish and meaningful conversations can be had. That's why the largest groups we cater for have a maximum headcount of 12 people; with most trips restricted to just 8.

Many of those who join us are travelling alone as we offer safety, companionship, flexibility and son't charge a solo-supplement.  

We see our trips as the chance for participants to rediscover themselves, try something new, let their hair down and revive their spirits in supportive company.

Although some groups have an even mix of males and females, other trips are set aside exclusively for girls who just wanna have fun and be free! We offer a couple of destinations (Vanuatu in particular), where children are welcome, but most trips are adults-only.

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Two Llamas Environmental and Social Projects

Meaningful travel

Every journey undertaken with SUP Wilderness Adventures includes an opportunity to give back to the host community.

Through our project arm Two Llamas, we work with Indigenous or impoverished communities. Our aim is to bring about positive environmental and social outcomes by sharing knowledge and developing localised solutions with local people.

We foster social enterprise, facilitate cultural rescue and work with both Government Agencies and small NGOs to achieve sustainable outcomes for all. 

Our projects take anywhere from 2 hours to two days to complete, so there's always plenty of time to hang in the hammock and have fun as well.

We call what we do 'meaningful travel'. In a world where most people think that clicking SHARE will make a difference, we show you with how to open your heart and mind to bring about real change. Want to see some of the great work we've done so far? Click on the button below!

SUP Wilderness Adventures horse riding

Soft adventure

Paddling is at the heart of what we do and we travel with a fleet of inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs). But for those who prefer, we also have access to kayaks and outrigger canoes. We don't care what you paddle, just so long as you do!

For those who are not confident in the water; never fear! We always have a support boat shadow the group when we're exploring on the water for 2 hours or more. You're welcome to join the boatman and stalk the group like paparazzi or lie on the front of our boards and gaze at the coral below.

Beyond paddling, we give you the toys and the tools to experience a location from every angle. So be ready to extend your boundaries as you may have the chance to try your hand at: caving, zip-lining, scuba diving, snorkelling, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and sailing!

Beyond the Asia-Pacific region, we offer expeditions in Europe, Scandinavia and the Americas as well. Want to know more about where we're headed next and what level of fitness you require? Click the button below!

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