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Q. Do I need to be super-fit or an experienced paddler to join a SUP Wilderness Adventure?

Happily, the answer is: No! Our website provides a rating for each trip, which provides an indication of the recommended level of skill and fitness for each trip. Most of our trips only require you to have an average level of fitness and a sense of adventure though. We provide free stand up paddle boarding lessons for those who have never tried it before and if you’re more comfy sitting on a board and using it like a kayak; that’s not a problem at all.

Q. Can I paddle a kayak instead?

Yes! Some of our trips have the option of SUP or kayak. We’re not worried about which one you choose and if you’d like, you can even swap between the two.

Q. How much paddling do you do?

SUP Wilderness Adventures are not about distance or speed. The amount of stand up paddle boarding you do depends on the destination, weather, water conditions and keenness of the group. Some paddling is organised as a group activity while other paddling opportunities are available to you to take up when or if you feel like it. Some trips involve a great deal of paddling, while others do not. It’s all up to you… if the hammock attracts more than the board, then that’s your choice and we won’t pass judgement (only a glass of wine).

Q. Do you do other activities besides SUP?

Yes! We believe you should experience a destination from every possible angle so we seek out opportunities for you to snorkel, kayak, scuba dive, sail, zip line, hike, ride horses, go canyoning, caving, ride bikes, etc. You don’t have to do everything, but if you’d like to try, we’ll support you in learning.


Q. What is the age and gender of people on your trips.

The youngest person we’ve had on our trips was 8 years old. He travelled with us twice. The oldest person was a sprightly 78-year-old woman. Most people who join us are solo travellers. The majority are female. Some are couples. The average age of the majority of our customers is between 45 and 65 years.

Q. What kind of people are they?

Our customers are people with heart. They choose to travel with us because they want to explore places that are off the beaten path. They want to have authentic cultural experiences and to enjoy the company of like-minded travel-mates. They have often gone through life-changing events such as divorce, death or illness. They have evolved mentally to a point that they now seek to engage in meaningful travel and to “give back’ and learn while having fun. Some don’t know how to paddle, some don’t know how to swim. All come with an open mind, open heart and willing smile.

Q. Can I bring my kids on a SUP Wilderness Adventure?

Yes! Some of our trips are family-friendly and they offer an incredible opportunity for parents to reconnect with their kids and kids to participate in incredible learning opportunities.  Our web site states the minimum age for each trip.

Q. I have an illness/ injury. Can SUP Wilderness Adventures cater for me too?

Yes. These are Bucket List adventures, so we do try to accommodate people who have physical constraints whenever possible. It may take a little more doing on our part, but we see no reason why you should be disadvantaged. Please contact us to discuss and he open and honest about your medical constraints.


Q. I’m travelling alone. Do I have to pay extra to join SUP Wilderness Adventures?

No! Our rates are based on twin share accommodation. If you’re ok with sharing a room with someone of the same gender, then you won’t have to pay a cent extra. We’ll buddy you up with a similar person and – if past history is anything to go by – you’re likely to make a new fried for life!

Q. I want my own room. Is that possible?

Yes! If you’d like a room all to yourself book one accordingly. However, in this case, a surcharge will apply in this case, to cover the cost of the additional room.


Q. Does SUP Wilderness Adventures offer private trips?

Yes! Planning a milestone birthday/ anniversary/ family holiday/ club trip? Let us take the difficulty out of making such arrangements, so you can enjoy the vacation too. Simply contact us with your request and we’ll craft an itinerary that meets your needs.

Q. Do SUP Wilderness Adventures offer club trips?

Yes! We can happily craft an itinerary specifically for your club or shop, which you can then on-sell as your own, lead and collect a profit from. Simply contact us with your request and we’ll craft an itinerary that meets your needs.


Q. Can I pay by instalments?

Yes! When you book, we will discuss what method of payment you prefer. We offer interest free payment plans and these allow you to drip-feed money to cover the cost of your trip, which makes it far less painful. All customers must pay an initial deposit of 20% to secure they place on a trip. The remainder can then be paid monthly, with the full amount due no later than two calendar months prior to trip commencement.

Q. What methods of payment are available?

We accept payment by credit card via our web site. We also allow payment via PayPal. Both of these options incur a 4% transaction fee that will be added to your invoice. If you prefer, you may pay via telegraphic transfer/ electronic transfer of funds, which incurs less cost. Or you may pay via direct debit, cash or TransferWise,

Q. What currency are trips costed in?

We’re an Australian-based business and as such, our costings are all converted to Australian dollars. All funds transferred to us must be in Australian dollars (unless we have pre-agreed to receiving a foreign currency). Although costs on our web site are shown in Au$, USD, and occasionally NZ$, all currencies that are not Au$ are estimates only (due to foreign exchange fluctuations) and the final amount must equate to the stated Australian dollar value shown.

Q. Why do I have to pay a transaction fee?

We offer three methods for making payment (bank transfer, PayPal, credit card). You may choose the one that best suits your needs. However, PayPal and credit card transactions incur a 4% transaction fee. As our profits are used to support environmental and social projects, we ask that you cover the cost of the choice you make, rather than reduce our ability to help others.

Q. Why doesn’t SUP Wilderness Adventures include flights?

Our customer-base is global. People join our trips from all across the world, so we usually start the journey from the closest international airport and leave it up to you to find the best fare.

Q. Can I extend my stay at a hotel?

Yes! Guests often check in to our selected hotels ahead of time or stay on after the trip. When you are supplied with your trip itinerary, the details for each hotel will be provided and you can then contact them direct to extend your stay.

Q. What amount of money should I budget for daily when I’m on the trip?

That depends on the destination and your spending habits. We aim to include as much as possible in our trip costs so that you won’t be out of pocket more than expected. Most trips require a budget of just $50 extra/ day, which covers a couple of beers, meals where not included and tipping.

Q. Can I cancel my SUP Wilderness Adventure once booked? 

Yes. All cancellations must be done in writing, by email and will take effect from the date of transmission. Please refer to our Booking Terms & Conditions regarding refund amounts as cancellation penalties apply.


Q. Do I need to buy insurance to join SUP Wilderness Adventures?

Definitely. While we do our best to keep you out of harm’s way, adventure travel does involve a degree of risk and camera gear/ sunnies/ phones have an annoying habit of trying to swim. We require all participants to take out comprehensive insurance for the entire period they are with us and ask that you provide us with proof of such prior to departure.

Q. What if I don’t want to do some of the activities offered by SUP Wilderness Adventures? Can I get some of my money back?

No. You are free to opt in or out of activities but trips have been costed with a specific number of people in mind, and we usually pre-pay suppliers.  As such, we cannot refund money relating to activities that are forfeited. Sorry!

Q. What if I don’t agree with the SUP Wilderness Adventures Booking Terms & Conditions?

Our Booking Terms & Conditions have been modelled on those used by some of the largest and most successful adventure tour companies in the world. We believe they are fair for everyone and that they take into account the impact (positive and negative) that each person can have on the experience of others in the group (including the guide and host community). We are familiar with the cultural and legal requirements in each destination and as such, our Terms and Conditions are comprehensive to ensure you remain safe, happy and healthy.

Q. Why do I need to sign a Participant Waiver?

Any adventure activity requires a waiver to be signed these days. Our trips are no different and – as we are an Australian business – we must abide by higher standards of care than most other operators where we run tours. If you are unwilling to sign the Booking Terms & Conditions and/ or the Participant Waiver, then we will not be able to accept your booking as these forms are required by our insurance company.

Q. What other terms and conditions apply?

All applicable terms, conditions and requirements are clearly spelt out in the following documents which are provided to you with the invoice:

·         Booking Terms & Conditions

·         Participant Waiver

·         Booking Form

·         FAQs.


Q. Do I have to bring a board?

International SUP travel is no different than international dive/ ski/ surf travel. If you want to participate in a sport, you need to either bring your own gear or rent it. Occasionally, we will provide you with a loan SUP at your destination. This will be clearly stated if included in the price. We recommend customers bring their own boards/ paddles/ leg ropes. However: if you don’t have an inflatable and can’t rent one in your home town, then we’re happy to rent you one of our kits for the duration of your trip. The cost is $200/ trip (regardless of duration or destination) and you are responsible for the care and transport of the board during the trip. If you live in Australia and we can provide you with the board prior to departure, then the cost is then reduced to $100 and you are responsible for transporting the board to/ from the destination. Any loss or damage done to the board or paddle while you are on the trip, is your responsibility to cover. A rental agreement will be provided.


Q. Can I be a guide for SUP Wilderness Adventures?

Yes! From time to time we allow customers who have suitable skills, attitudes and knowledge, to lead our trips. We don’t allow our trips to be guided by those who have not been customers of ours previously and we will only consider you if you have travelled previously to the destination.

Q. I’m an operator and I want SUP Wilderness Adventures to sell my tours. Will you do that?

Yes! We are frequently approached by smaller SUP tour operators, who want to be associated with our brand and benefit from our global market reach. From the many approaches we receive, we select just a small handful, who we believe operate with similar sustainability ethics and business culture. If you are interested in discussing this, please contact us with your website address or a link to your Facebook page.


Q. Why do I need to be connected to you via Facebook

Yes. We create private Facebook Groups for each trip. All participants are joined to the group and are asked to remain joined until they have returned. Important information is disseminated to the group via this channel. Alerts and planning is done this way too and the page allows everyone to start to get to know each other long before the trip kicks off. On your return, we create personal albums in the Facebook Group page so that your trip-mates can share photos they’ve taken of you without the whole world seeing them first.

Q. Why do I have to speak with you before I can book?

We don’t accept all booking requests as our tours are not for everyone. They’re quite specific and our customers are quite picky about who they travel with. To ensure we have guests who are aligned with our beliefs and who are travelling with us for the right reasons, we ask that a Facebook Phone call (or a conventional phone call) takes place at a mutually agreed time. This allows you to ask questions of us to ensure you fully understand what our trip are and are not.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact SUP Wilderness Adventures directly. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and Instagram account as well!